Type-c to Type-c Data Cables

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Type-C To Type-C PD 20W Fast Charging Data Cable 2M


Type-C to Type-C PD 20W Fast Charging Data Cable 2M..


Type-c to Type-c Data Cable


Type-c to Type-c Data CableType C data cable designed to connect your smartphones, tablets, and other equipped hardware to the USB power equipment, so you can sync and charge your devices. The high-quality data cable allows you to connect with type C compatible devices to your laptop and desktop, to charge your phone, exchange, and sync data simult..


Samsung Note20 45W Quick Charge Type-C to Type-C Data Cable 5V


Samsung Note20 45W Quick Charge Type-C to Type-C Data Cable 5V..


Remax RC-135C PD Fast Charging Type-C To Type-C Data Cable


Remax RC-135C PD Fast Charging Type-C To Type-C Data CableFeatures: Design: Lengthened SR design, constant bending, Large round TPE material Add strength to the line Comes with straps for easy storageMaterial TPE material, soft hand feelingEasy to plug and unplug, regardless of the positive and negative plugs, Type-C to Type-C charging cable -..


HOCO X51 High-Power 100W Charging Data Cable Type-C to Type-C 2M


HOCO X51 High-Power 100W Charging Data Cable Type-C to Type-C 2M..


Hoco X45 Type-C to Type-C Surplus Charging Data Cable


Hoco X45 USB to Micro Surplus Charging Data CableDouble-sided indicator: Type-c to Type-C, two-way double-sided indicator, when the output and input connector is plugged in, it will emit green fluorescence light to indicate the charging status.Quickly charge your laptops and mobile phones:  Supports charging of mobile phones and laptops with T..


HOCO US01 Type-C to Type-C USB3.1 GEN2 10Gbps 100W Charging Data Cable


HOCO US01 Type-C to Type-C USB3.1 GEN2 10Gbps 100W Charging Data Cable1. Length / weight: 1.2m / 50g, 1.8m / 90g.2. Material: nylon braid + aluminum alloy.3. Core: (7/0.08)*4+(7/0.08)*1+(7/0.08)*4 +(43/0.08)*2+(28/0.08+250D)*2 OD5.0MM.4. 10Gpbs (1.25Gb/s) super-speed transmission (the device must support USB3.1 gen2 transmission protocol).5. Suppo..


Hoco S51 Extreme Type-C to Type-C Charging Data Cable 100W


Hoco S51 Extreme Type-C to Type-C Charging Data Cable 100 WLength: 1.2m. Weight: 33g.Outer material: nylon braid.Connector material: zinc alloy + TPE.Display: digital display of charging power wattage (currently, other cables on market can only display amperes and volts), real-time charging status. During PD fast charging (voltage exceeds 6V),..

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Type-C cables are used in almost every device these days. These are used to charge your devices and also to transfer data at a lightning-fast speed. Finding the best type-c to type-c data cable supplier in Ireland is not an easy task to do but lucky for you, iShine is the one solution for your every need. We are top type-c to type-c data cable distributors in Ireland where you can get the best products on the best deals.

Top Type-C to Type-C Data Cable distributor in Ireland

It is very difficult to find authentic and best USB Data cables on the lookout. There are different fake and phony things, which have all the earmarks of being unique yet never give comparative results. These fake links are less expensive, yet it is never worth placing assets into them just to save a few bucks. The things you buy at iShine are generally unique and can be relied on even with your eyes shut.

Cheap Type C to Type C Data Cable in Ireland

The costs we offer are exceptionally not as much as market cutthroat costs. Being modest doesn't presume that the quality is similarly low. The idea of the things is the one thing which we won't mull over. You can buy the phenomenal quality things without putting a ton of weight on your wallet. These low costs make it simple for you to buy bulk type c to type c data cable in Ireland.

Different Data Cables Available at iShine

Lightning USB Data Cable

Lightning data cables are only viable with iPhone, iPad, and other Apple contraptions. They give you premium quality while ensuring excellent execution. These are used to work with your Apple devices with the PC, or you could to be sure add to a connector and charge the battery of your device. These are accessible in various varieties and styles. If you want to buy cheap lightning USB data cables in Ireland then iShine is the best spot for you.

Micro Data Cables

Micro Data Cables are the most prominent and you can find them in the market without any problem. It offers you the potential chance to charge your phone and move your information. It is viable with an enormous piece of the Android devices. The speed it gives you is genuinely adequate, and you can charge your handheld gadgets without consuming an inconceivable degree of time. These cables are truly great to have with you as these are connectable with various contraptions.

3 in 1 USB Cable

We realize that there are three kinds of USB cables, which can give unprecedented outcomes and are viable with different contraptions. With 3 in 1 USB Cable, you can get all that you expect in a lone link. It incorporates a lightning cable, a Type-C, and a micro cable. You can finish your responsibilities without conveying additional associations.

Type-C Cables

Most of the latest cells and various devices are Type-C reasonable nowadays. It offers you the chance to charge your phone in a jiffy, while giving rapid data move. It can give you the data move speed of 5Gbps, which is amazing. You can likewise take the speed high up to 10GBPS, with the USB 3.1 gen 2.

Why iShine?

We at iShine by and large guarantee that you get totally stunning quality items for your fundamentals in general. The quality we give is reliably top notch, yet the costs are low. The outstanding quality and low costs make us the best type-c to type-c data cable supplier in Ireland.

Best Service

You can place in your order at iShine with close to no kind of issue and in a carefree way. We for the most part endeavor to make your involvement in us the best each and every time. Right when you put in a solicitation, staying in touch with our client help master isn't an issue and following your goods is easy. The group contacts you in time and never leaves you hanging for quite a while. The thing is completely looked at before the shipment, so there is absolutely not a chance of you getting hurt. In this way, at whatever point you want to purchase anything, trade with iShine and let us assist you with it.

Repaired or New

Refurbished or fixed products are those things which have been returned to the seller or producer considering any issue. These things are then checked for quality and worth, then, at that point, set open to be bought. Fixed items offer you the critical chance to get the best things without putting a past ludicrous level of weight on your wallet. These are absolutely more reasonable and give the best results too.

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