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USB PRINTER CABLEThe USB printer cable is available at wholesale prices at the shine. High-speed USB cables are designed to connect with computer peripherals such as printers, and scanners. USB standard printer cable is used for the printer. There are many printers that are not sold with the cable, either you buy separately or already have them o..


Type C 2.0 to Printer Cable 1M

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Type C 2.0 to Printer Cable 1M..

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Printer Cables

For those of you who don’t know, a printer is connected with a USB printer cable. One side is connected with your printer while the other side is connected with your computer. This carries out your printing commands to the printer and gets the job done. This is not all, you can also buy a laptop to printer cable or iPhone to printer cable so you can take your productivity to the next level. If you are looking to buy Printer Cables in Ireland, then iShine is the place to be.

Best Printer Cables Supplier in Ireland

The one thing which we never compromise on is the quality of our products. Whenever you trade with us you can buy the best printer cables in a carefree manner. There are plenty of suppliers in the market which only provide counterfeit parts. Some might even claim to sell the original products, but those printer cables are not worth your money at all. Counterfeit printer cables are easy to find and cost much less, but these are not reliable at all and can even damage the device itself. We make sure that you only get original and genuine products, which makes us the best Printer Cables supplier in Ireland and in the online B2B market. 

Cheap Printer Cables in Ireland

When you are buying replacement parts or printer cables in bulk, prices can be a big factor. The prices we offer are much less than the market competitive prices. But being cheap does not mean that the quality is low. The prices are low, but the quality is always high. These low prices make it easy for you to buy bulk printer cables without putting too much stress on the wallet.

Trade with Us

There are many wholesalers in the online B2B market which can provide you with all the products and replacement parts, but the quality and prices we offer can never be matched by any of our competitors. This makes us the best and trusted wholesale supplier in the online B2B market.

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