Cooling Pads

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Notebook Cooler Pad 5218

Ex VAT : €6.50
(Inc VAT : €8.00 )

Notebook Cooler Pad 5218..


Laptop Cooling Pad With USB 5 Fan

Ex VAT : €6.26
(Inc VAT : €7.70 )

Laptop Cooling Pad With USB 5 Fan..


Laptop Cooling Pad With USB 2 Fan

Ex VAT : €4.81
(Inc VAT : €5.92 )

Laptop Cooling Pad With USB 2 Fan..

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Cooling Pads

Keeping the heat level down while you are using your laptop is really important especially if you are playing games or running heavy demanding tasks. The best thing to do is to have an external assistance for it and that’s where cooling pads come to play. If you are looking for a wholesale cooling pads supplier in Ireland, then you have come to the right place because iShine is the best supplier where you can get everything for all your needs. 

Keeps it cool

If you are using your laptop all day long then you need to keep things cool. Even though there are cooling fans in a laptop, still it might not be enough to vent out the heat. There are plenty of harmful things that can happen to your laptop if the heat is not dissipated properly. A cooling pad keeps the temperature to minimum outside the laptop so heat can be vented out much faster and efficiently. 

Top Cooling Pads Distributor in Ireland

The one thing which we never compromise on is the quality of our products. Whenever you trade with us you can buy the cooling pads in a carefree manner. There are plenty of suppliers in the market which only provide you counterfeit accessories. Some might even claim to sell the original cooling pads, but those products are not worth your money at all. Counterfeit products are easy to find and cost much less, but these are not reliable at all and can even damage the device itself. We make sure that you buy best wholesale cooling pads, which are worth every penny, which makes us the best wholesale cooling pads supplier in Ireland.

Buy Bulk Cooling Pads in Ireland

Whether you are a small businessman, a big enterprise, or just an everyday guy who is looking for the replacement parts or cooling pads, we have always got your back. We provide you the best products at the best and low prices. Our prices are much cheaper than the market competitive prices. You can buy bulk cooling pads at iShine, without putting too much pressure on your wallet. The original parts and cheap prices will surely help you enhance your business.

How to cool down a laptop?

It is pretty important to keep your laptop cool if you want your laptop to perform at its fullest potential. If you are also facing laptop overheating problems, then below mentioned things can come in handy.

  • Cooling Pad
  • Use a Table or Desk
  • Elevate the Laptop
  • Keep the laptop Clean
  • Sit in a Well-Ventilated Room
  • Reduce the Load on Laptop
  • Shut the Laptop When not in Use
  • Add RAM
  • Check the Fans

Why Does Your Laptop Heats up?

There are a number of reasons why your laptop is getting hot, and the heat is not getting dissipated properly. Below mentioned are some of these factors which can heat up your laptop. 

  • Too Much Dust
  • Too Much Load
  • Charging Patterns
  • Bad Air Circulation

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