3 in 1 USB DATA Cable

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ANG 3 In 1 Multi USB Cables

Ex VAT : €3.50
(Inc VAT : €4.31 )

ANG 3 In 1 Multi USB Cables..


Remax RC-094th 3 in 1 USB Charging Cable

Ex VAT : €4.50
(Inc VAT : €5.54 )

Remax RC-094th 3 in 1 USB Charging CableRemax RC 094is designed for the highest charging efficiency. The Remax RC- 094TH cable is mainly focused on the particular durable design. The cable is equally delicate and durable in use. Remax has released 3 in 1 cable connector Made of:  Remax is made of high-quality metal and processed to provid..


3 In 1 Magnetic Data Cable

Ex VAT : €3.50
(Inc VAT : €4.31 )

3 In 1 MAGNETIC DATA CABLE Keep your devices connected at all times and take your productivity to the next level thanks to the magnetic data cables. With a magnetic data cable, you can attach the magnetic head to your phone and other end of the cable with magnetic head, so you can charge your devices and transfer data at a lightning-fast speed. 3..


3 in 1 HDTV Cable Compatible With Lightning Type-C and Micro

Ex VAT : €10.00
(Inc VAT : €12.30 )

3 in 1 HDTV Cable Compatible With Lightning Type-C and MicroMicro 3 in 1 Micro USB, Type C, and lightning to HDMI cable, Mirror mobile phone screen to TV, projector, monitor, 1080 HDTV adopter for IOS android devices. HDMI lightening cable is not designed for the charging purposes, it is mainly charged for the devices to make it work. The iPhon..

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3 in 1 USB DATA Cable

Mobile phones nowadays are so much more than just phones. These phones are minicomputers which you carry around with you in your pocket. These mobile phones have the ability to act as your organizer and even the USB storage devices as well. Even though there are many ways to connect with other devices like Bluetooth connectivity and card readers, to get things done and transfer data more speedily, you need to have a USB data cable with you. USB Data cables give you the freedom to charge your devices and transfer data at a really fast speed. We at iShine can give you every one of the kinds of good quality discount USB data cables, to really keep yourself useful and one stride ahead.

3 in 1 USB Cable

We all know there are three types of USB cables in the market, which can provide different results and are compatible with different devices. With 3 in 1 cable, you can get everything you need in a single cable. It comprises a lightning cable, a Type-C, and a micro data cable. You can finish things without conveying additional cables.

Type-C Cables

Most of the latest smartphones and other devices are Type=C compatible nowadays. It gives you the freedom to charge your phone in a jiffy, while providing fast-paced data transfer. It can give you the data transfer rate of 5Gbps, which is quite remarkable. You can also take the speed high up to 10GBPS, with the USB 3.1 gen 2. 

Micro Data Cables

Micro Data cables are the most common and you can find them in the older devices. It gives you the freedom to charge your phone and also transfer data. It is compatible with most of the Android devices. The speed it gives you is really adequate, and you can likewise charge your handheld gadgets without burning through an excessive amount of time. These cables are really handy to have with you as these are compatible with many other devices as well.

Lightning Cable

Lightning cables are only compatible with iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices. They provide you premium quality while ensuring great performance and safety. These are used to sync your Apple devices with the computer, or you can even attach to an adapter and boost the battery of your device. These are available in different colors and styles too.

Why iShine?

We at iShine always make sure that you get only good quality products for your every need. The quality we provide is always top-notch, but the costs are low. The good quality and low prices make us the number one wholesale supplier in the online B2B market.

Genuine Products

It is pretty difficult to find original and best USB Data cables in the market. There are many fake and counterfeit cables, which look exactly the same but never provide the same results. These fake cables are cheaper, but it is never worth investing in them just to save a few bucks. The cables you buy at iShine are always original and can be relied on even with your eyes closed. 

Cheap Prices

The costs we offer are considerably less than the market cutthroat costs. Being modest doesn't imply that the quality is likewise low. The quality of the items is the one thing which we won't ever think twice about. You can buy the good quality products without even putting too much stress on your wallet. These low prices make it easy for you to buy bulk USB data cables at low and wholesale prices. 

Best Service

Placing an order or looking for something is not a problem. You can place your order at iShine without any kind of hassle and in a carefree manner. We always strive to make your experience with us better with each passing day. Once you place the order it is easy to stay in touch with our customer service representative and track your order. The package reaches you in time and never leaves you hanging for long. The bundle is completely taken a look at before the shipment, so there is no chance of you getting harmed products. In this way, at whatever point you want to purchase anything, simply make a point to exchange with iShine and let us assist you with it.

Refurbished or New

Restored or refurbished stocks are those products which have been returned to the merchant or creator in view of any issue. These things are then checked for quality and value, then set accessible to be bought. Refurbished things offer you the chance to get the best things without putting an inordinate measure of weight on your wallet. These are significantly more affordable and give the ideal results as well. Assuming you really want to get the best things without burning through loads of cash, then, at that point, you can pick fixed things at iShine.

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