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TOTU DESIGN CACW-035 Wireless Charger 15W

Ex VAT : €15.00
(Inc VAT : €18.45 )

TOTU CACW-035 Wireless Charger 15WQi-certified charger gives charge to your phone wirelessly.Output 15 watts for fast charging.Stylish and portable design.Gentle charging pad prevents scratching and slipping.Compatible with iPhone X, XS, XR, XS Max and all the Samsung Galaxy with wireless charging...


Remax RP-W12 Aluminum Alloy 10W Wireless Fast Charger

Ex VAT : €17.00
(Inc VAT : €20.91 )

Remax RP-W12 Aluminum Alloy 10W Wireless Fast ChargerGood quality materials: increased durability, ease of use and convenience, handheld handle, and wireless charging. Made of high-grade materials, very durable, open arms that support the phone holder support 4.5-6 inches in length, spring-loaded handle arms help hold the mobile phone.Plugin the ca..


Hoco Watch Wireless Charger

Ex VAT : €10.96
(Inc VAT : €13.48 )

Hoco Watch Wireless ChargerPortable wireless charging: the charging dock will go you in the same way, in which your watch did. It carries durability and contradicts in a small size. Each holds quite nicely to the dock, even when charging in the car. The dock is lightweight and small meaning it's very easy to travel around with.Nightstand modeThe bu..


Compatible Wireless Display Receiver Wifi HDMI Adapter

Ex VAT : €12.00
(Inc VAT : €14.76 )

Compatible Wireless Display Receiver Wifi HDMI AdapterWireless display technology lets you project the photos, web content and many more option to share the funny videos and latest travel with your family and friends. Dual-Band: Wireless display adapter is designed with extending HDMI cable which solves the short come of the first generation. ..


Compatible Stents Fast Wireless Charger

Ex VAT : €3.75
(Inc VAT : €4.61 )

Compatible Stents Fast Wireless ChargerConvenient, safe and practically suitable for all kinds of the models, that supports the wireless charging, The cell phone charging has never been so simple,  with the arrival of the latest technology, you just need to put the mobile device on the wireless charger. The charging is properly functioning..


Compatible Mood Light Wireless Charger

Ex VAT : €9.99
(Inc VAT : €12.29 )

Compatible Mood Light Wireless ChargerCharging interface transforms the mobile phone stand, release your hands and watch the movies easily. It is widely compatible with the wireless charging with Q1 standard. The night light function gives the colourful five-light colour. Just one touch make the light work and 5 modes to change the light. The foldi..

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Compatible Fast Wireless Charger

Ex VAT : €6.25
(Inc VAT : €7.69 )

Compatible Fast Wireless ChargerFill your battery faster with the white Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad from his charging the pad is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices. You can simply place your compatible device onto the pad to begin charging. The LED indicator halo will alert you when your phone is improperly positioned when..


ANG WQ5 Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Ex VAT : €4.50
(Inc VAT : €5.54 )

ANG WQ5 Fast Wireless Charging PadMagnetic and Detachable: Fast wireless charger is magnetic and detachable. The wireless charging station can work perfectly with the device at once. It is easy to carry it on travel.Case-Friendly: Wireless charging dock supports wireless charging with case thickness lower than 0.3 inches. Metal case, magnetic ..


ANG 10W Circular Wireless Fast Charger

Ex VAT : €6.50
(Inc VAT : €8.00 )

ANG 10W Circular Wireless Fast ChargerWhen you need to charge the device on the charger, charging will automatically start. When you light of the theme of the color into blue light, and to indicate the way the breathing lamp in charge. , some iPhone and Android mobile phones need to install a general-purpose receiver.This wireless charger can be us..

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